Shout of Victory


By Joseph Odongkara

“And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long…(This was a shout of obedience and a shout of Victory. Spiritually, the ‘shout’ had everything to do with the wall falling down flat, but, physically and materially, it had no effect at all, as would be obvious. The wall falling down flat was strictly a Miracle of God.)” (Joshua 6:5)

At the moment of Joshua’s obedience, God would begin to instruct Joshua as to what to do in defeating the city of Jericho. When you read the Text, what God would tell Joshua to do seems outright foolish in nature. He was to gather the fighting men of Israel, and march around the city walls once a day for six days straight. These men were not to talk, they were not to blow any horns, they were not to do anything except march. Sometimes, God will tell us to do something that seems outright foolish in nature, but He does this to show us that what is about to be done, will not be accomplished by our own hand, but strictly through the Hand of the Lord. By us responding in Faith, believing what He says, it teaches us trust and dependence upon Him.

By them marching around that walled city once a day for six days, when the armies of Jericho laughed, mocked, and made fun of them, it taught them patience. God may give us a Promise, but there will always be a space between the Promise and the Possession. God is still working on us, and if He were to give us that Promise right away, many would not be able to handle it. By us continuing to seek the Lord respecting that Promise, it teaches us patience, to wait upon the Lord. This is not easily done. But despite the fact that many may look down upon you, and many will tell you to give up because it does not seem possible, you keep marching! Continue to believe God, continue to trust in Him, and continue to believe that those walls are coming down. Keep marching!


After the six days were complete, Joshua was then instructed to take seven priests, with each priest holding a ram’s horn, with the Ark of God behind the priests, and the armies of Israel behind the Ark, and they were to march around the city on the seventh day, seven times. Notice the number “seven.” Seven is God’s Number; it stands for completion, totality, universality, and perfection. When God does something, He does it right, and it will always be right. It will be complete, meaning that when He delivers, He delivers completely! When He saves, He saves us in totality! When He heals us, He heals us completely! God never does anything half way! Do you believe that? I choose to believe that when God does something, He does it right!

On that seventh day, the priests were to lead the march, bearing the Ark of God. Now all of this is symbolic. The priests are Types of Christ, Who, according to the Book of Hebrews, is our Great High Priest. The Ark of God is a Type of the Presence of God, which was opened to us through Christ and what He did for us at Calvary. The ram’s horn that was to be blown signified that one day Christ will open the way for us to get to the Throne of God!


After they had marched around that walled city on the seventh day, on the seventh time, they were to then blow the ram’s horn, and the moment that the People of God heard that blowing of the ram’s horn, they were to shout with a great shout! Many Christians are shouting when there is nothing to shout about. They have not heard from Heaven, nor have they received any Instruction from the Lord, nor have they surrendered themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. Their shout is nothing more than a superficial shout, with nothing to back it up. Faith does not need to shout to make itself heard. The Children of God did not shout until they heard the blowing of the ram’s horn, not before then. If they had shouted prematurely, defeat would have been the result.


Many have stated in times past that the Victory given to the Children of God came by way of their shout. No. The Victory that was experienced by the People of God did not come as a result of their shout, for I believe, that if that were the case, then it would have been a work of the flesh. Our Victory does not come by anything that we do, for if it did, then Christ would have died in vain (Galatians. 2:21). Once again, we cannot win the victories needed in our lives by the means of the flesh, which means it is not through our own dependence, education, strength, and power. It really does not matter how consecrated you are, you in and of yourself cannot win the victory. We are no match for Satan and sin, for if we depend upon our own abilities, Satan can override our willpower.

Too many Christians are depending upon their own abilities, and by doing so; they are living a miserable, Christian experience. They are failing, and much to their chagrin, not understanding why they are failing. Paul would say it best, “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwells no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not” (Rom. 7:18). Paul was simply stating that I want to do that which is right, but I cannot seem to stop myself from failing. Why? Because he was trying to live for God by means of the “flesh,” and many Christians are doing the same thing today, trying to live for God by means of dependence upon self.


God can never accept our flesh as a means for living a Victorious Life. He can only accept Christ. Christ has provided the Way for all to live a Victorious Life, and we do so by Faith in Christ and the Cross. Perhaps it is better said this way, Jesus Christ is the Source of Blessings, the Cross is the Means by which we receive those Blessings, Faith is the Key that unlocks the door, and the Holy Spirit oversees everything. The only way for us to live this Victorious Life that I speak of, is to simply place your Faith in Christ and what He did at the Cross, which then gives the Holy Spirit the ability to Work in our lives, to bring about the Victory that is needed.

Did their Victory come by way of their shout? No. Instead, their shout was predicated on their obedience to the Word of God, and their Faith in believing that what God said, that He would do! It is the same with us presently, I shout because I know that God has already given me the Victory, through my Faith in Christ and the Cross. We must obey the Word of the Lord, which will always lead us to the Finished Work of Christ, which is where all Victory was won, and we leave it there! Those Jericho walls cannot stand up to the Power of God, for the moment that they heard the blowing of the ram’s horn, they shouted, and the walls came tumbling down!


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