The LORD, my Refuge and Fortress

An example of a fortress, see how fortified this city is. It is almost impossible to launch an attack on it. (picture from

By Julius Izza Tabi

This morning I woke up from my bed singing of the amazing love of God, a song written by Billy James Foote and sung by Chriss Tomlin, Amazing Love how can it be? In the song there are two themes that rang into my heart, one about the selfless love of God for me, that he had to forsake his Son to have me accepted and forgiven. Second is what God is to me, he is my King, my King, my King. Oh how amazing it was for me to worship God in this song.

Soon after my worship in this song, my heart was led to read out loud Psalm 91 and twice I did that. Reading through this Psalm was equally an experience to me. The whole Psalm assured me of the unfailing care and protection of the Lord God upon me, that he is my refuge and fortress. As the song assured me of God being my King, the Psalm assured me of this KING who in turn is my ultimate protector, my refuge and fortress.

How wondering is it that the LORD who is KING over me is also a REFUGE and FORTRESS? Shouldn’t the subject of the King rather protect him, I thought. Surely it is proper to have a king protected by his subjects rather than the king himself protecting his subjects, especially in the modern times. This act of God in protecting his people upon whom he reigns KING resonates with his amazing love that Billy James Foote has written about.

Fortress and refuge

The online Cambridge English Dictionary defines a refuge as “a place that gives protection and shelter from danger, trouble, unhappiness etc.”[1] and a fortress is “a large, strong building or group of buildings that can be defended from attack.”[2] In the Old Testament, God instructed the Israelites to gazette certain cities to serve as refuge, in that anyone who is wanted dead would be spared if he runs to the city of refuge. The revelation in this Psalm is that no place can be as safe as a refuge, no building can be as strong as a fortress only the Lord alone “He is my refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:2). National armies are good, personal security is perfect but unless the Lord does watch over the city, they who watch does it in vain one of the Psalms says. So, our ultimate protection is found nowhere but in Christ, in whom even if we lose this physical body, he will always guard the soul whom no one can destroy. What does you trust for the safety of your life?

Know God, seek for him and you will find grace in his sight. God does not so partiality, but to those who believe in him, to those who have accepted his name; his knows them by name and they are always in the mind of God.





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