Persecuted but not Abandoned

Tertullian writes: “kill us, torture us, condemn us, grind us to dust; your injustice is the proof that we are innocent. Therefore, God suffers (allows) that we thus suffer. When you recently condemned a Christian woman to the leno (pimp, i.e. accused her of being a prostitute) rather than to the leo (lion), you made confession that a taint on our purity is considered among us something more terrible than any punishment and any death. Nor does your cruelty, however exquisite, avail you; it is rather a temptation to us. The oftener we are mown down by you, the more in number we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.”
The statement that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church doesn’t mean that the martyrs have died for the church and therefore are the foundation of the Church. Only Christ died for our redemption and that alone was enough (1 Peter 3:18). Rather, at Tertullian’s time, even so as we read in Acts 8:1-3; whenever the Christians were persecuted and others martyred, the church received a new strength and instead of it diminishing, it grew in numbers. It looked as though martyrdom was like seed that when spread, yields much hence Tertullian’s statement: “the oftener we are mown down by you, the more in number we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.”

New Dawn

africa_pope_uganda_3c987357f22ae6a5fb90e6abf249a41c.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000[1] Pope Francis visits the Anglican Martyrs Shrine in Kampala, Uganda. Image source: NBC News “I have heard how Christians long ago, were brought before a tyrant’s throne, they were told that he would spare their lives, if they would renounce the name of Christ” these are the lyrics of the first verse of Ray Bolt’s I pledge allegiance to the Lamb. The song writer witnesses about the strong resilience the Christians who preceded us long time ago had even in the face of persecution even if it meant death. The second part of this verse testifies: “But one by one, they chose to die, the Son of God, they would not deny, like a great angelic choir sings, I can almost hear their voices ring.”

Ray Bolt later had issues with his sexuality – he divorced his female wife with whom he has four children and entered into a…

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