Who Would You Be If You Ever Became Fully Yourself? – A Sermon on Matthew 10:24-39

“If your relationship with God in Christ isn’t deepening, changing, and growing, maybe a separation is in order. If your relationship with others isn’t changing and growing, expanding, and giving life, maybe a separation is in order. If you feel stuck, repeating the same behaviors and patterns, the sword of Christ just might be the antidote. Christ’s sword of separation gives new life. It’s what allows us to ask and answer, and re-ask and re-answer the question, “Who would I be if I ever became fully myself?” Mike

Interrupting the Silence

Proper 7A: Matthew 10:24-39

Sermon, Proper 7A, Jesus with Sword, Matthew 10:24-39, Individuation, Relationships, Joan Chittister, Spiritual Growth, Growing Up Icon of Jesus with sword, 14th century, Katholikon of the Sacred Monastery of the Ascension of Christ, Kosovo. Photograph by Thanasis Christodoulou – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons.

I’m not talking about a selfish attitude toward others and the world. I am talking about living into our better and truer selves, being real and authentic, experiencing wholeness and integrity within ourselves; and then taking all of that, all that we are and all that we have, and offering it to our relationships, to the world, to Christ.

Who would you be if you ever became fully yourself? I think that’s the question that lies beneath today’s gospel (Matthew 10:24-39) and I think it points to something we all long for and struggle with.

The year I was in the fourth grade my dad was in Viet Nam. I don’t remember what I…

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