Stop Playing It Safe

“Jesus isn’t about playing it safe. He urges us to follow him on the way of the cross. Paradoxically, it is the only way to a life worth living. To eternal life.” Jake Owensby

Jake Owensby

Fifty-six years ago John Lewis used a whites-only restroom in Jackson, Mississippi. Police arrested him and authorities sent him to Parchman Prison. Parchman is the state’s only maximum security prison for men.

Lewis entered that restroom to protest racism in America. He knew that arrest and imprisonment would probably follow. In the segregated South, black men and even children had been lynched for less.

DEIpgfIXYAIfyH_.jpg-largeFor the sake of justice Lewis willingly endured suffering. His life offers an inspiring example to others because he lives by a counterintuitive truth.

Life’s meaning emerges most clearly when we know what we are willing to suffer for.

Congressman Lewis learned this truth from Jesus. And what Jesus teaches about suffering convinces me that he’s worth following.

I recognize that, for my atheist and agnostic friends, suffering provides the strongest available argument against belief in God. Well, maybe the second strongest argument after Christian hypocrisy…

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