Anchored in Reality

“I promise you this, if you dig deep into God’s Word you will find the answers you seek. You may not like what you find because it contradicts all that you ‘wanted’ to believe, but if you go through the ‘crucible’ of change by applying God’s perfect Word, you will know truths that will anchor your faith in every storm and develop an enthusiasm that can and will carry you through all of life.” David Brown

Freedom Fighters


“It’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.”      ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Faith and enthusiasm both require objects. To be sustainable, you must know ‘what your faith is in’, and ‘if it is trustworthy.’ As the answers to these questions emerge, an ‘enthusiasm’ for that which is faithful and true will grow.

A quick warning about enthusiasm… the opposite is also true, that if you are enthusiastic about something that is not true and does not match reality, it will leave you worse off than at the start and more disillusioned than before.

So, I say dig deep, go beyond the surface platitudes and ‘work out your ‘foundation’ in fear and trembling’ for we are not messing around with what to eat for lunch, but the direction your life will take and it’s ends.

I promise you this, if you dig deep…

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