What If the Windy City Would Meet the Wind of Pentecost?

“Revival would cause those who are sleeping comfortably in their sin and unaware of their brokenness awaken to the grace available through faith in Jesus death and resurrection for the restoration of their souls.  Repentance then allows believers to share the forgiveness of sins won for those seeking relief through faith in Jesus Christ.” Keith Haney


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The Light Breaks Through


I love the term revival, but I am aware that can be loaded, with negative images of a departure from the focus of Jesus and his work of redemption to an overemphasis on the gifts of Holy Spirit.  Spiritual revivals must be centered on the work the Holy Spirit was charged to do, leading people to faith in Jesus as the means of their salvation.  With that being said, it is time for Chicago to have a good old fashion revival.  A reconnection with the Holy Spirit of Pentecost, so that He can produce what the Holy Spirit was sent to do, create faith and change lives.

James Packer in his book, “Your Father Loves you” lays out a biblical three step approach to revival.  Imagine what our urban centers could become if the Spirit of Pentecost could descend on them fresh in this manner.

The Explanation of Revival


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