Beatitude Three—Blessed Are the Meek

Daily Devotion Tuesday August 15, 2017


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“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

Matthew 5:5

In our devotion today, we continue with the first part of Jesus’ sermon on the mount—the beatitudes. In the two previous devotions, we note Jesus saying that; blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven and then blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. The third beatitude in which Jesus nearly quoted Psalm 37:11, “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity” seems like the first yet different;

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”

The word meekness has the following synonyms; humbleness, quietness, docility, gentleness, humility, modesty, mildness, timidity and submissiveness. And, the Merriam Webster dictionary associates meekness to being able to “endure injury with patience and without resentment” or being deficient of in spirit and courage, and or not violent or strong.

This means that naturally, meekness can either be a positive or negative description of an individual’s character. Going by these descriptions of meekness will not help to figure out what Jesus meant in this third beatitude lest many quiet people like me will have advantage to inherit the earth than those who are not.

Samuel A. Meier sees attempts by modern bible translations to “replace the noun “meekness” by “gentleness” or “humility, ” largely as a result of the pejorative overtones of weakness and effeminacy now associated with meekness” unhelpful since ancient kings who described them as meek weren’t gentle or humble as such. He writes that meekness has to do with “one who is guided by God’s spirit [and] accepts God’s ability to direct events.”

Meekness is therefore a character that allows one to wait on the Lord, one who submits to the God’s way than one who proudly seeks his human ways. John Piper identifies the following as a portrait or characters of the meek;

  1. They trust in God
  2. They commit their way to God
  3. They are quiet before God and wait for him
  4. They don’t fret over the wicked

Put in this portrait, we could say, blessed are those who trust in God, who commit their way to God, who are quiet before God and wait for him and who don’t fret over the wicked, such will inherit the earth.

“Whereas meekness can be costly, it pays. Meekness is not being deficient in spirit or lack of courage, it is not weakness—it is strength in the Lord, a total reliance and dependence of God.”

William Law writes of being meek: “You have no questions to ask of any body, no new way that you need inquire after; no oracle that you need to consult; for whilst you shut yourself up in patience, meekness, humility, and resignation to God, you are in the very arms of Christ, your heart is His dwelling-place, and He lives and works in you.”

So, let us humble ourselves before God, for “The meek and lowly are fortunate! for the whole wide world belongs to them” (Matt. 5:5 TLB). Amen!

Rev. J


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