About Us

New Dawn Ministries, Inspiring thoughts and spiritual Growth is a not for profit Christian ministry/blogging that has been founded by Rev. Tabi Julius Izza of the Anglican Church of Uganda. Julius believes the available space created by the internet revolution can be used to spread the true Gospel of Christ. New Dawn Ministries wants to seize this opportunity to publish and share across social media platforms the message of the gospel.

Initially started as an online ministry, publishing weekly devotions and teachings, the ministry has now conceived an idea of Holistic Christian Development of young people, especially in Africa starting with Uganda, the country of the founder. In Uganda and true with many African countries, many young people lack education and skills to have them productive, meanwhile those who luckily graduate with a college diploma or degree end up jobless. New Dawn Ministry is conceiving an idea that is yet being organised and upon the registration of this ministry as a Faith Based not for profit organisation, the ministry will soon begin serious engagement in the holistic development of young people in Africa.

Pray for the realization of this vision.