The Ma’di Archdeaconry Youth Camp (MAAYOC) is one of the youth events in which the two contributors (Julius and Joseph) to this site are greatly involved. The camp happens in December (10-16) at Erepi Primary Teachers’ College in Moyo, Uganda. The camp does a similar ministry NDM does and seeks to do among young people. Young people are in a weeklong camp taught the gospel, trained in various skills and attitudes to enable them live responsibly successful life as Christians and good citizens. Julius, the founding director of NDM was been the youth worker in this Archdeaconry when the camp started in 2007 with less than sixty participants.

Now the camp has grown to more than 250 participants in the last year’s camp. God be praised. This year marks then tenth camp, and it is hoped to be a mega Camp. Activities in the camp include, morning devotions, Bible expositions, seminars and workshops, group reflections, games and sports, camp talk, Bible study among other things. It is going to be interestingly exciting camp, the youth are already charged to participate. Want to get involved either in participation or facilitation, as an individual, group, church, ministry or organisation? Let us know. It will be grateful having you on board.

One of the issues that needs more hands is sponsoring the camp. Many of the young people are eager to attend the camp but can’t raise the money for participation and the organising committee is always overwhelmed by costs and are left in debts in some cases. Do not hesitate to sponsor participants, it only costs about 25 USD for one participant through the week. Building the young people is our corporate responsibility regardless of boarders.