May 2016

Young and Growing Ministry

New Dawn is barely two months old actively involved in ministering on this web page and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatApp. In what started as a blog a week or more before Easter 2016, the Ministry has graduated to this present site NEW DAWN MINSTRIES . Julius, the founder of this ministry is into the modern millennium’s internet revolution which has facilitated the dissemination of information within the click or tap of a mouse or screen respectively. He has observed that many people either knowingly or unknowingly water down the gospel by posting gospel like messages on these social media sites.

New Dawn Ministries was therefore inspired to publish messages that ministers and revives or encourages the soul of man in Christ. Through the last few weeks of active posts, New Dawn Ministries has so far published close to twenty posts and hopes to continue to publish not less than two weekly. These posts are then shared on social media sites from where the targets can access and read. So far, over 600 have visited the site and this grows every single day.

The young ministry is therefore fast growing and hopes to reach as many people as it can through her posts and publications. Top among the posts has been Shout of Victory in the Enemy’s Camp, The Lord, my Refuge and Fortress, He is Not here, He is Risen among others. Visit the archives to read more of the posts.

New Dawn has also conceived and is developing a strategy to a holistic development of young people in Africa. The idea is to have NDM go beyond preaching to training in skills and attitudes such as leadership, entrepreneurship, career, positive living to mention but few. This necessitates that NDM registers as a Faith Based not for profit Christian Organisation in Uganda, soon as this is done, the ministry has the opportunity to minister not only through the word but also in nation building. Looking forward to this time.