NDM Registration

New Dawn Ministries has the vision to impact life beyond the publication of weekly devotional and teaching posts. It is preparing to get fully engaged not only in preaching and teaching ministry but also in physical and mental development of young people in Africa who are the continent’s rising sun, starting with Uganda, the native country of the founder. To have this done, NDM has to be registered as a Faith Based not for profit Christian Organisation in Uganda. This process will require about 5,000  USD in preparation of documents and costs involved in the government ministry of internal affairs, recruitment of few staff and volunteers and initial cost for getting an office. Having this mission accomplished means that NDM will have a broadened scope in ministry which will definitely come at a cost. Anyway you will never impact and get something done until you spent. Other issues that will involve costs is the web management, and recruiting more people to work with NDM if it is to have a broader ministry. Pray that the Lord, to whom the heaven and the earth and all that is in them belongs will generously provided. Any ministry for his glory never lacks. Pray for his provisions to the tune of what the ministry is engaged. And if you are moved to Support the Registration we will be very grateful. Contact Us for more information.