Welcome by diector

Rev. Julius Izza Tabi the founding director for New Dawn Ministries

Thank you dear friend for visiting New Dawn Ministries, where you can get series of mind empowering articles tailored to support your spiritual growth and be encouraged and stand up in your Christian faith. New Dawn Ministries, through her dedicated contributors and authors is committed to bring to you devotionals that will never leave you untransformed. We are leaving in days when there is a lot of message in the web and social media platforms that seems to resemble the gospel but they are not. New Dawn Ministries seeks to add to the number of available sites on the web that earnestly and truthfully presents to you God’s word tailored to empower minds and spiritual Growth.

It is very true that man is made up of body, soul and the spirit; that explains why the bible says that Jesus grew in stature, in wisdom and in favor with God and man. Besides these articles that NDM publishes weekly, the ministry is currently conceiving and developing a holistic ministry that enables us minister not only to the spirit, but even so to the soul and the body. One of the things NDM prays about is to soon engage in the empowerment of young people in Africa, with Uganda top in our priority. We are developing an approach of that which will seek to build skills and attitudes in the young people in order to have them very productive.

Welcome, once again for visiting us. We ask you to pray with us as we work towards the realization of this. Find out at the Get Involved menu to find out how you can get on board with any of the ministries of NDM.

Thank you.

Rev. Julius Izza Tabi.