Writing Articles

This is the primary work NDM does in the meantime. Biblical (evangelical) devotionals and teaching messages, also occasionally motivational messages towards positive living and change of attitudes in Christian perspectives are some of the articles NDM intends to continue to publish more than once a week. This is quite a lot of work requiring more than a mind or two for variant opinions. Are you a gifted writer or have ability to put thoughts that can empower thoughts and spiritual growth? Then you can have that written and send to Julius, the administrator (find contacts here ) and your article will find its way in the web accessed by the millions of web users.

Currently, only Julius and Joseph (founding Director of Youth Mission Africa) are the contributors to the articles published here. NDM ministry welcomes you to do join the team of contributors and authors, and we proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to empower thoughts and spiritual Growth. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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